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A Small Beautiful Story

once upon a time .There was a very beautiful woman.The lady was lying down for her flight.She travels quickly and, as if by the way, she goes for her flight  And that woman enters inside the flight and she is the last passenger.Goes to his seat and gets depressed and starts getting angry Because a paralyzed person is sitting near the seat near him.Those who did not have both hands.It sounds and calls the air hostess and speaks what it is that person is sitting with me.And I can not travel with this kind of passenger.Air hostess does not understand what this is saying.She speaks Mam, keep your Patience and sit down.

But the air hostess does not understand why such a sensible woman is doing such things.Then the air hostess says okay, you have said that every passenger is necessary for us.Then the air host goes in and discuss  this problem with Captain.Then she comes out and goes to that lady and says, Mam, who is our Captain today, He has taken an extra ordinary decision . For the first time we are going to shift an economy class passenger to First Class. Then that lady is a little relaxed.And she speaks, I have listened to you.
Then does not stop and goes ahead and goes to the person who does not have two arms.And she says, 'Sir, we are shifting you to business class.We do not want you to travel with a person who does not care for humanity at all.After hearing this, all the people in the flight started playing applause.And that person stands and speaks.I was in the army.I have lost both of these hands in battle And when I was listening to Madam, I was thinking that we were ready to give life to those people.

And then hear the decision of the Captain and listened to the applause of all of you, then I think that we are fighting for all the citizen.A small story teaches us a lot.Human beings have to be beautiful inside.
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A Small Beautiful Story A Small Beautiful Story Reviewed by Raj Kumar on February 11, 2019 Rating: 5

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