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A Small motivational story

Someone has said very  right , air is like trouble,as close as you wish close doors  will come in.
A Small motivational story
Once  a child was insisting on his father that I had to bring a dog ,a friend ,but the family members are the ones who rejected their insistence and began to say it is you thinking things worthless? It is time for you to read,pay attention to reading .But the child was also the artist,he knew that he would come.so he started saving money from pocket money,then when he opened the piggy bank thousand rupees had gathered .Then he hid the hiding and he took the thousand rupees reach the market , there was a dog store that was there .when he went inside and watched the price surprised . There were 10 thousand,20 thousand price on there .

Then he courageously went to the store owner and said that uncle,I have only thousand rupees ,but today I have come to myself with the promise that I will take the dog with myself today and who owns the store that was looking at the child was small and was talking big things and the owner said look son, it will not possible .look at the price , the price is too much .Then the child started to insist? Then the owner of the store took that child in and open the door of the dog house .tinny puppies were coming out from inside .Then he saw one of then puppy slowly walking .He asked the owner of the store why it was running like this.

 Then the store owner said that the doctor has said that it is a disease ,Due to this disease, it will always continue like this. So that child said I want this .The owner of the store said that if you want take it  free , like all the dogs it will never play with you .But the child child began to insist that I want  this Take as much money as you make me do not want it in free.I will work hard and I will give you money .Then the owner took him out and came near the counter And began to explain to the child., "Son, it is not like  other dogs and it will never play with you and it is not like them. It is very weak.Then the  child withdrew a little back from the counter and raised above the left leg's pants. The owner of the store was shocked to see that child was paralyzed.The child who was left leg was artificial.Seeing this, the store owner tears in the eyes.After that the child said that my father taught me a great deal .never ever think of yourself as weak because of the unhealthy leg in life.

so when I do not think my self  weak so why do I consider this  dog weak and I want to make this puppy feel that  there is someone in this world who understand  its importance . Always the person is weak from. Inside .out of the challenges you were you weak yourself .On the day you decide that you want to do something awesome? You will definitely show that day.
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