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Pradyuman and Charlotte a true love story

Someone said something great ,Rinse a new cover on the book of life But before that, pasted pages were scattered with love.

This is the true story of a boy named Pruduum, living in Orissa, India.This boy lived with his family and considered his race untenable.But his family collected money and sent it to Delhi to read further.    Coming in Delhi, Admissions in the College of Arts, Praduuyan.By staying there, this boy started making portraits.Its portraits were so good that it started getting popularity  all over the world.

Even Charlotte Von, a 19-year-old girl living in Sweyden in London, loves these portraits very well .And she thought she wanted to meet this artist.She came to India to make his own portrait for meeting.  He came here and met with Pramuman and said That she wants to make her portrait.In the very first sight, Prayuman became loving with such a beautiful girl who stood in front of him.By making her live life, she made the girl's best portrait.

And when he saw his portrait, he also fell in love with Praduman.The love story of both of them went ahead and Charlotte kept her name on the Indian name, After that the time came for separation. And both of them got married.After that the time came for separation Charlotte had to go back.And she went to Sweden.Before going on, Charlotte said that you have to come to me after completing your study.Praduman  has promised that he will definitely have Sweden.Then, after reaching there, the Love Letter exchange started.Charlotte said that I am missing you and you have to come to me.

I am sending tickets for you.Pradyumna said Yes I will come to you but come on my own earned money don't send me air tickets.Getting an air ticket in that time was not so simple.Pradyuman did a lot of hard work, but he could not collect the money so that he could buy air tickets.He did not understand what to do then he made a second plan.All the goods he sent to him, as much as his painting was, whatever he was, he sold  all of them and Whatever money she came from to sell this stuff, she bought old chips from them.And then on the bicycle, he traveled 8 countries and then reached the sweden within 4 months and 3 weeks.

This person did anything to reach sweden to meet his wife.Those immigration officers were surprised that this person just came to Sweden on bicycles.This thing spread like fire and Charlotte ran to meet him.Their marriage has been more than 40 years and they have two children.In the end, I will say that love is so much that the world wants to do as much as you
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