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Poltical science by Chanakya

Poltical science by Chanakya


Chanakya was a teacher of political science. The king himself was his student and many of his students later became king. Like many former teachers, Chanakya also believed that Raj Vidya is the ultimate education.

 In politics, all subjects come, whether they are philosophy, spirituality, economics, justice, foreign policy, military strategy, etc. The combination of all these disciplines is called Raj Vidya.

 A king should study all these disciplines to become a good leader. If he wants to become a leader he has to study all subjects.

 As a leader, he cannot escape his responsibility by saying that he has no knowledge of any subject. It would be better to study all subjects with a qualified teacher like Chanakya who can teach many subjects at once. 

A good leader should be a good strategist and he should study the kingship so that he can properly conduct his kingdom and his organization in the present context.
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